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Why Simplaex?

Simplaex is the first marketing platform that gives game developers direct access to real players through it’s unique marketplace. The innovative technology captures in-game events in real-time to retain players and communicates instantly and individually with these players via its own real-time bidder.


Only Simplaex is using 1st party data to unlock the ultimate way of acquiring players that fit to the characteristics of your game.


The industry’s best retention rates are achieved by creating personalized messages based on real-time in-game events of each individual player.


For the first time ever, you can create revenue from your churned players to boost the return of your marketing investment.

How does it work?

Successful retention is more than simply retargeting. Simplaex’ funnel analysis illustrates where players are having difficulty - which in turn enables game companies to step in and address those issues. By mapping the flow through the key stages in the game experience, funnels give great insight into where players are giving up and therefore where the largest stumbling blocks are. With Simplaex you can fix them!
By using ‘behavioural’ targeting, game managers can enjoy infinite granularity when it comes to marketing campaigns.


Define a precise and dynamic segment of players you want to (re)engage based on their actual in-game behaviour.


Create relevant banners or videos per individual using Simplaex’ personalization studio.


Set your budget and start (re)engaging across any mobile and online channel using RTB and social networks.

Simplaex enables game marketers to target real players based on 1st party data. The large and transparent peer-to-peer marketing platform that functions as a marketplace is managed by the buyers and sellers themselves; without sharing any data between them! Thanks to Simplaex, game companies can now be confident about the source, characteristics and quality of the leads that they acquire.


Use a sophisticated tagging system to select the relevant players for your game.


Simplaex will automatically remove players that you have already acquired


Define your budget, set the campaign, and get ready for the players that you have asked for!


Create the segment(s) of players that you would like to sell on the marketplace.


Define the level of detail you allow others on the platform to target those players.


Track your sales, the segment statistics and generate a reoccurring revenue stream.

players in marketplace


Simple integration

No SDK required! Simplaex seamlessly integrates with any CRM, analytics or attribution tool.


Upload and personalize banners and videos with individual text, images, and incentives.

Real-time analytics

Get full insight into your players, where they are and what other games they play.

Real-time bidding

Direct access to all media and social channels to communicate with players wherever they are.

3rd party advertising

Monetize your player base through non-game brand advertising outside of your game.

Highest efficiency

Low cost thanks to impression sweet spots and synchronisation with other marketing tools.


Simplaex has been co-developed by game companies and therefore fully represents the needs and interests of the ‘advertiser’ instead of the ‘publisher’. The platform is based on verified 1st party data to create access to real and identifiable players across the globe. Thanks to the integrated real-time bidder any player can be reached instantly based on actual in-game events. Simplaex is fully transparent, even showing you where your players are and what other games they play.

We know SDKs are a hassle. So none is needed. There are multiple ways to connect to Simplaex, and all made easy; pixel tracking, post-backs, file exports, or APIs to any analytics-, attribution-, or CRM tool.

Buyers can target detailed player profiles according to 1st party data, such as country, platform, device, game genre(s), number of games played, playing intensity, playing frequency, payment history, etc. Sellers can define any specific segment within their player portfolio and allow other game companies to target those players on the platform. The value of the players is defined by their individual player profile.

Yes you can. When selling players or allowing brands to advertise to your players we have the ability to target them across all media- and social channels and therefore do not rely on in-game advertising.

The marketplace is a transparent peer-to-peer platform. At the same time, none of the data is being shared and remains to be the property of the game developer. In order to sell players, no player data is given to buyers or third parties. Simplaex simply allows buyers to target players through the platform

Since Simplaex has been co-developed by game companies having established a direct trading platform without any middlemen, the usage of the platform is free of charge. Only self-initiated actions such as acquiring, retaining or monetizing players is being charged via a transparent performance based metric such as CPQI (Cost Per Qualified Install), RPI (Revenue Per Install) or DCPC (Dynamic Cost Per Click).

Simplaex goes full circle when it comes to game players and their lifecycle within the games. This includes the ability to dynamically cross promote games at the most relevant moments across any of the different player bases.

The difference is significant and requires different tactics. Engaging players is all about keeping your players in the flow. Creating for instance a dynamic and personalized message (hint or tip) at a specific churn point will prevent you from losing your players. In the event that players have become inactive, reengaging players can be done outside the game with for instance personalized incentives.

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About Us

We @Simplaex believe that the boundaries of today’s business model for online & mobile gaming have been stretched for too long now. New technologies haven’t changed the principles of the black box or the increasing costs and complexity of user acquisition and retention. We listened to our customers and joined forces to change the ecosystem that today is controlled by networks, agencies, brokers and resellers.

Simplaex gives game developers direct access to millions of identifiable players on a transparent peer-to-peer platform that functions as a marketplace managed by the buyers and sellers themselves.

“With Simplaex we focus on what really matters – players and players only; direct, efficient, and without hidden costs. We invite all game developers to test our new platform and see for themselves what it can do for their games.”
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Jeffry Van Ede
CEO and CO-FOUNDER of Simplaex