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The 1st party data platform that unlocks the value of your customers by turning data into insights and insights into action.

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At Simplaex we care about your customers as much as you do. And that is why we have developed the most effective data activation platform for you to retain, grow and monetise your user base across desktop and mobile.


Enlarging my customer base is a pre-condition for growth. Yet, widespread targeting is inefficient and leads to high churn rates.

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Retaining users I already have is the most effective marketing strategy. However, blanket retargeting alone won’t deliver the desired return.

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Many of my users do not contribute to my earnings. And income through in-app advertising has its limitations.

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Data powered innovation

With Simplaex you can create new opportunities at every stage of the user lifecycle. Collect real time data inside and outside your app, create the most meaningful user insights and instantly transform it into actions.


Exclusive for our customers, the Simplaex platform provides access to a secure first-party data marketplace to enable you to target identifiable user profiles according to specific user characteristics.


Simplaex is fully transparent, free of fraud and adheres to the strictest data privacy standards according the full requirements of enterprise businesses and local regulations including the EU's Data Protection Directive.

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Integration & Data security

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Analytics & Reporting

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Performance Management

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Real-Time Advertising

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Simplaex in the news

Simplaex Is Leading The Next Mobile Wave In Transforming Data Into Insights And Insights Into Action

Simplaex, experts in marketing mobile games, has recently closed its successful A-round funding. The Berlin-based company will use the capital to expand into new verticals and deliver its proprietary technology to a broader customer base. To this end, Simplaex is positioning itself as the most advanced data insight & activation platform. Below is our recent interview with Jeff van Ede, Co Founder & CEO of Simplaex:

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First-party Data Innovator Simplaex Closes $2.6 Million Funding Round

Simplaex, experts in marketing mobile games, has successfully closed its A-round funding. The Berlin-based company will use the capital to expand into new verticals and deliver its proprietary technology to a broader customer base.

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Simplaex Surpasses 150 Million Players for Game Developer Platform

Simplaex, a revolutionary peer-to-peer platform for game developers, now offers direct access to over 150 million players. The important milestone comes just ten months after the Berlin-based start-up set out to transform game marketing.

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Simplaex launches the first peer-to-peer marketing platform for game developers to buy, engage and sell players

Simplaex is officially launching its next generation marketing technology platform at GDC 2016 in San Francisco that solves the problem of today's user acquisition and retention in both mobile and online gaming.

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Why the game marketing ecosystem is ripe for disruption

For many game developers, the traditional way of promoting their products online is broken beyond repair. With no direct digital access to potential customers, they depend on an ungainly mix of ad exchanges, media buying platforms, data aggregators, agencies, and resellers. The results of such a tangled web are predictable: Unfair prices, low-quality leads and surging churn rates.

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Why game developers are neglecting their players

Can you imagine going to a restaurant that made it increasingly harder to get through each course of a meal? Sure, you can have your appetizers, but to eat your entrée you’ll have to cross the street to another location. And don’t forget to bring your spoon with you — otherwise you can forget dessert!

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Why game developers should embrace player churn

Churn. It’s an ugly word. Game developers are naturally concerned about player retention. But eventually even the most ardent player loses interest in a game. It’s normal. It’s part of the cycle.

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Why game developers must rethink their advertising strategy

What if you could go to the movies for free, but every 15 minutes the film would stop for a commercial break? A few very cost-conscious people might tolerate it, but I reckon most would refuse to ruin their cinema experience that way.

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