We believe tech should make

things better - not worse

Since technology got involved, advertising has become a black box: non-transparent, frauded, and unfair. It is our mission to open this box, creating a world where everyone can benefit from what tech has to offer digital marketing and the programmatic ecosystem.

Our Founding

Simplaex was founded by Jeff van Ede and Moti Tal in 2009. They gathered a team of talented engineers, data scientists and AI experts from prestigious tech companies such as Sony, Fyber, Smart, Inneractive, Fiksu and PayPal. And together they set out to develop “clean-tech for the advertising industry”.

User acquisition, web and mobile, Advance perfected how, when and where ads are served to the audience that is most relevant to the advertiser’s objectives.

In-app retargeting. Engage helps marketers retain users by understanding their preferences and behaviour. The platform couples real-time audience insights and AI-driven predictive bidding to deliver the highest Return On Advertising Spend.

The Journey

Following a seed-round in 2015 and a series-A in late 2016 by Target Partners, High-tech Gründerfonds and a private investor, Simplaex firmly established itself as a credible partner for Advertisers across the globe.The business grew exponentially, yet Simplaex struggled - similar to others in the industry - with the inefficiency and lack of transparency in the programmatic realm. It had become clear that the ecosystem as a whole was not on a path to reach its full potential. We decided that unless all players - publishers, advertisers and the consumer - can ‘win’ nothing will change. So we went back to the drawing board and started working on Rivr.

Simplaex today

In 2018, Simplaex raised new capital to develop a whole new proposition: RIVR. RIVR is a propriety AI-powered targeting technology that brings together how both the demand and supply side understand their users. This solves the programmatic fragmentation and inconsistency of user information without adding another layer to the tech stack.

In 2019 Simplaex sold our Engage product to one of our biggest clients to focus on what we see as the future of the company: Ogno and Rivr.

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Rivr solves hard problems across the digital media landscape. Teaching machines to see and understand the complex web of relationships, extracting value from the varying paths and touch points between the demand and supply side of the advertising industry. Using our proprietary AI, Rivr creates a new kind of transparency and control to reduce waste and complexity, and to deliver ROI benefits across the programmatic spectrum.

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Ogno is a Digital Marketing & Growth Studio, that specializes in helping companies achieve the next level of growth. Ogno works alongside ambitious companies, to develop their competitive advantage through digital marketing tactics such as web development, design, UX & CX SEO, SEM and content. Whether just starting out, looking to scale, or simply improve current ROI, our digital marketing and growth experts have your back.


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