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We believe tech should 

make things better - not worse

So we assembled a multi-disciplinary team of humans who teach machines to comprehend and act. Creating a world where businesses benefit from what tech has to offer the digital marketing and programmatic advertising ecosystems.


We make hard decisions without agonizing. Take calculated risks and are open to possible failure; even when it is uncomfortable.


We contribute effectively outside our specialties. Make connections others may miss and always share openly.


We collaborate and provide candid, helpful feedback. Embrace differing perspectives to help us make better decisions and benefit the collective we.


We listen and seek to understand before reacting. We care about our colleagues and partners, putting ourselves in their shoes to find the best way forward.

We are value driven

A team of motivated individuals, we are always in pursuit of great  ideas. Together we thrive on finding solutions to hard problems and staying curious. Always driven by our foundational values.

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work with us

This is a place for individual and collective unfolding. We encourage ourselves and each other to explore the unexplored and look within to grow further and taller. Intrigued?

We’re the brains behind Rivr

With a focus on digital media, we combine human expertise and artificial intelligence to extract value along varying paths and touchpoints.

Rivr’s AI-powered library plugs into Supply Side Platforms and Ad Exchanges to transform them into the most efficient and effective trading partner between demand and supply.