Sell the way buyers pay

rivr represents a paradigm shift in programmatic advertising.
It is a white label solution enabling SSPs to progress from an ad unit infrastructure to an audience-based performance model and show exponential value to both advertisers and publishers.

Made for SSPs and publishers

With rivr we no longer relate to yield optimization in a conventional way.
rivr is an entirely new yield management system to value inventory on a user level, more aligned to the demand side’s willingness to pay.

The bid stream potential

rivr supports SSPs and publishers to understand and anticipate to any change in the bid stream on an audience level. According to the demand-side’s ‘willingness to pay’ for a specific audience, SSPs and publishers can also adapt to a dynamic pricing strategy that represents the real value of an audience versus the actual demand.
As a result, buyers will be able to receive the specific audiences they want while sellers can adjust pricing accordingly. Fill rates will also increase with this highly cost-efficient traffic distribution mechanism.

Boost your yield

Sell high demand audiences based on its real value via first or second price auction

Reduce your infrastructure cost

Send traffic only to where the demand is relevant

Gain the edge

Deliver a higher performance for advertisers and publishers

Sneak preview: Yield newly defined

Until now yield has been defined as: supply side sells ad space for and applying floor prices against specific inventory segments to ensure a healthy balance between fill rate and eCPM value. With rivr we redefine yield as: a variable pricing strategy based on understanding and anticipating consumer behavior in order to maximize revenue and profits from real-time resources.

Our data validation partners

In other words…

rivr is the first AI technology that will reduce waste and complexity, create a new kind of transparency and control to deliver ROI benefits across the full bandwidth of the programmatic ecosystem.

By giving insights into their audiences, programmatic sellers will finally be able to compete with walled gardens. Facebook alone gained two million advertisers in 2017 whilst CPMs increased 171%. This tells us advertisers aren’t afraid to increase budgets even as the auction gets more expensive.