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A place for individual & collective unfolding

If you don’t have the desire to do it, you have no reason to do it. At Simplaex we excel in what we do by how we do it. Like all great companies, we strive to hire the best. We value integrity, respect, inclusion, and collaboration. We see our organization as a living entity, aimed at realizing its potential according to the potential of its members.


That's what's special about Simplaex. We strive for an unusual employee culture. One that promotes an autonomous work-style, guided by a shared and common mindset of how we want to work and build the company.

We don't nibble. We want to go all in, because we love the things we do.


With this approach, we are more challenged, creative, collaborative and successful as individuals and as teams.


Shared goals and distributed decision-making allow for speed, focus, ownership and adaptability. Clear roles that have meaning and impact will help optimize for organizational clarity and accountability. Accountability for results, and for the actions and  behaviours that deliver those results.


People know where the guardrails are. They understand the objectives, and they have a great deal of freedom in determining how to reach them.

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